Dubai Summer Camps 2017. Check our listing for:
  • nursery summer camp
  • sports summer camp: soccer, karate, gymnastics
  • performing arts summer camp: dance, singing, acting, street dance, ballet, musical theatre,¬†cheerleading
  • multi-activity summer camp: a mix of different activities like reading, writing, math and dancing, acting, building, robotics etc.
The Ramadan has started on the 27th of May and will finish on the 26th of June. The last day of activity for many schools is on 22nd of June and many summer camps start on 27th of June going till 30th of August. We'll list on our website all the Ramadan and Summer Camps that we can find and hope this way to help many parents and kids that will still be around for summer. It is a very long summer holiday - 11 weeks - and many parents can't afford to take such long leave from work. That's why summer camps are always in hand and a good solution for the working parents.