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We believe our approach to learning will bring significant value to the lives of our students as we value the importance of building a strong, solid foundation of core skills in the early years.

At Leaps and Bounds Education Centre, we know every child is unique and has their own learning pace and style. With dedication and passion, we look to provide a stimulating, friendly and easy learning environment, allowing children to reach their full potential whilst building their confidence.

Our workshops are fun, friendly and supportive. Although the work is designed to be challenging, the support received from their own mentor ensures that no student is allowed to struggle.

Workshops last for 45 minutes and students attend once or twice per week, working as part of a small group (no more than four). Every student benefits from interaction with their peers, through discussion, hands-on activities and partner work.

We do not just aim our programme at young children.  Magikats, which was first developed in 2004 by UK educators, also supports students all the way to GCSE’s. Our well-experienced mentors teach Maths and English topics which are tailored to each student’s individual level. Our vision is to help as many children and teenagers as possible reach their full potential.

Our students also get set weekly Core work, which like homework, reinforces learning and helps to build their core skills. The work provided is designed to strengthen weaker areas, extend more familiar topics and keep learning momentum until the next workshop visit.

Leaps and Bounds also offers Arabic and English language workshops, which for both children and adults, are run by native speakers in either groups or on a one to one basis. We also offer a variety of clubs! Our Homework Club is designed to help children who are struggling with their after-school work, making it more enjoyable and achievable, avoiding the daily anxiety and dread that can accompany homework. Our Mental Maths Club brings together like-minded children and makes Maths fun, challenging those who want to be challenged! We even provide courses to support high school students through their ACT or SAT exams, giving them the best tips and strategies they need to succeed.

Overall, at Leaps and Bounds Education Centre, we aim to provide students with the necessary skills, attitude, knowledge and resilience that will set them apart from the rest, and tap into their creativity and potential. With so much focus on the individual student, MagiKats at Leaps and Bounds offers a great alternative to private support and is also excellent for children with special needs.


MagiKats Maths and English skills development programme


5 to 16

2 reviews

  1. Excellent, professional tutoring

    My son, age 13, has been at Leaps and Bounds for the last 3 years and his English and Maths have improved considerably. I am very happy with the work they are doing with him and would highly recommend them to anyone who requires professional tutoring for their child. Parul

  2. An outstanding centre

    My son, grade 9, has been studying at the center for almost a year and we are really impressed with how much his grades improved after a few classes. The teacher made his lessons fun & rewarding experience. We would like to thank all the dedicated staff at this outstanding center. They are very professional and very reasonably priced. They use a structured methodology of teaching from the UK, incorporating hands on resources to reinforce concepts which is well known for its excellence. Highly recommended for sudents .

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